Thursday, July 30, 2015

UBreakIFix Boulder review: lots of thumbs up for this one

So, here's a shout out to a local business. I got my cell phone glass replaced yesterday, and after I got back to work, I checked the paperwork and I got the feeling that I had ripped them off. I called them back and told them that I still owed them $20. They told me not to worry about it. But they did fantastic work - perfect workmanship, good timing, great office manners, everything. I figured that the least I could do was tell all of you about them and encourage you to take your business there. That way they will more than recover the $20 they lost on me.
UBreakIFix Boulder (Facebook: and any browser: does repair work on cellphones, tablets, laptop computers, and other small electronic devices. They will do it by appointment or while you wait. Their prices are reasonable. Please give them as much business as you can. Just don't try to rip them off.

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