Thursday, June 28, 2012

VirtualPilot3D: Not from Australia anymore

When I first started sniffing along the trail of ProFlightSimulator, it appeared to be "owned" by somebody in Australia, at a bogus address along the Sydney waterfront. My original "whois" on the URL showed it registered to a known Internet scammer in New Jersey. Now it points to an anonymous hosting service in Los Angeles, California

This latest version, VirtualPilot3D Tee Em, hides its tracks very well. A "whois" query points to a P.O. box in Denver, Colorado. The disclaimer claims that VirtualPilot3D is "governed by the laws of Sweden".

Never, ever, buy from anybody online if you don't know who they are, and where they are, in the Real World. (Especially if they claim to have FAA Certification.)


Angelo Cantero said...
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Zyzmog said...

Angelo Cantero's name is fake, and hi s comment was spam. He suggested that you buy VirtualPilot3D from He included a link that pointed, not to, but to one of the many fake webpages promoting VP3D (or whatever they're calling it today). doesn't sell VirtualPilot 3D or any of its other incarnations.

I thought of leaving Cantero's comment up, but then I changed my mind. Wouldn't the scum behind VirtualPilot3D love it if I provided them with a free linkback?