Thursday, March 19, 2009


I sent this letter to my senators, my representative, and the prez. My Canadian friends can translate that into Canoobian, right? Right.

I'm well aware of the fact that the prez will never see my words, but at least my opinion will be tabulated and added to the statistics that get reported to him daily. As for the others, chances are pretty good that they'll actually read my words, or an excerpt therefrom.

You can help by reprinting my words. Make sure you include my name.

Dear [insert title and name here]:

I'm writing to you today about the bonuses that have been making the news. I'm adamantly opposed to the bonuses, and I want to convince you to oppose them and to do whatever you can to discontinue them.

I understand the principle behind these annual bonuses.

On reason for the bonuses is that when a company is doing well, those executives who are responsible for its success are rewarded more than the rank and file, supposedly because they are more responsible than the rank and file for the company's success. That's a bunch of bull, but I won't get into that in this letter.

The other reason for the bonuses is to "retain" top talent so that they're not wooed away by their competitors. The NFL, NBA, and MLB do the same thing. We know how it works. This isn't rocket science.

But when a company has a disastrous financial year, its stock price falls through the floor, it has to lay off thousands of its employees to rescue its bottom line, and THEN it has to call on the federal government for financial help, ITS EXECUTIVES DO NOT DESERVE A BONUS, NOR ARE THEY WORTH RETAINING.

And they especially don't deserve a bonus if ONE CENT OF IT comes from my taxes. I'm out of work right now. I can't get a job. I've been trying since December. I know people who have been trying for longer than that. Don't go giving my money to someone who was in some small part responsible for the mess we're in right now.

I'd be glad to speak with you in person about this.

Ray Depew
[address and phone deleted]

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Anonymous said...

What if the very executives that caused the calamities in their respective companies, and who applied for, and secured/received the help from whatever government TARP etc., see themselves and those that surround them as successful ... because they succeeded in obtaining this federal assistance! And that because they were successful in that goal, the should be retained?

Not saying it is right. But that they are legends in their own minds. I'm with you, they shouldn't be retained! Let me have a go at their jobs. I really couldn't do much worse. Nor could you!

xoxo Cher