Monday, July 15, 2013

Dear Enersys: I'm not going to work for you.

Dear Enersys:

Someone pointed me to a test engineer job opening at your space batteries facility in Colorado. I read the job posting, did some more research on Enersys, and was intrigued enough to apply for the job.

Your online job application webpage is insulting, and tedious in the extreme. It consists of endless pages of online forms to fill out, and a watchdog timer on the website only gives me 45 minutes to fill them out. One of the first pages is the "Upload your resume/CV" page. The subsequent pages all require me to manually re-enter all of the information that already exists on my résumé. I'm not going to re-type all of that.

I didn't wait 45 minutes. After 25 minutes, I decided that if working for Enersys was as painful as applying for a job there, then it wasn't worth any more of my time. And you can bet that if I was put off by the application process, then so were hundreds of other qualified applicants - at least one of which might have been vital to your future success. I'm the only one who bothered to write anything about it.

I would say "I'm sorry," but it's your fault, not mine.

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