Saturday, February 4, 2012

Flight Simulator Plus: Proof by repeated assertion

If you want to find out the truth about Flight Simulator Plus, you may be tempted to search Google using the search terms "Flight Simulator Plus scam". What you will end up with is hundreds of search-engine-optimized webpages proclaiming that FSP is not a scam. This is what's known as "proof by repeated assertion" - the idea that if you say something often enough, it becomes accepted as truth, even if it really isn't. Politicians and their parrots use this logical fallacy all the time.

Look closely at some of the webpages pointed to by your search. They all use the same language, often the same bullet points, and even the same poor English. That points to one of two possibilities: either one person wrote a template and all these people are copying it, or THE SAME PERSON (OR SMALL TEAM) WROTE ALL THESE WEBPAGES. I've written about this before.

A hundred webpages proclaiming that it's not a scam doesn't legitimize it. It's still a scam, and it always will be.

For the gentle, honest, rational truth, start here: .

p.s. My reporting tools tell me that the purveyors of Flight Simulator Plus (or whatever it's called this week) have been reading these articles about their "product" at Zyzmog Galactic HQ.

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