Tuesday, November 16, 2010

ProFlightSimulator: an old scam is new again

Well, the flight simulator fans at http://www.flightsim.com/ weren't fooled by ProFlightSimulator. They report under their "News" headline that it's just a reincarnation of an earlier scam, called "Flight Pro Sim."

The forums at FlightGear (http://www.flightgear.org/forums/) while not exactly abuzz about PFS, are certainly aware of it, and are consoling PFS customers who wasted good money buying an old and obsolete version of FG.

Finally, the Flight Pro Sim website is still alive, and it looks remarkably similar to the PFS website. The two main differences are:
(1) The ersatz proprietor of Flight Pro Sim is "Charlie Taylor," while the sock puppet of ProFlightSimulator is "Dan Freeman."
(2) Flight Pro Sim is selling for $47, while PFS is selling for $49.98 - no wait, it's down to $49.
(3) They may or may not be two different (obsolete) versions of FlightGear.

Many of the online reviews are written by "Michael Ortiz." I think that Charlie, Dan and Michael are all the same guy. One review was written by "Eriz Cremonti", which is almost an anagram of "Michael Ortiz."


John Watson said...

Yeah, these guys stink. Its a pure scam. The funny thing is that Flight Gear isn't suing. Which really sucks...but keep posting more info, and maybe report them to the BBB?

louborok@att.net said...

I purchased the 4-CD set of ProFlightSimulator and then downloaded the trial version so I could start to use it, learn. I immediately discovered problems with having it run properly in my system. Very soon after I contacted them using their support site and I explained the problem. I received a reply saying my request had been turned over to their Refund department. That was Aug. 3. I have never heard anything further. A week later I received the CDs. They remain shrink-wrapped. I have repeatedly asked for instructions for returning the CDs. No response. Finally I contacted my credit card company and they are investigating, and they are not going to pay PFSIM. I have printed my messages to PFSIM and their one response so that the credit card company cam see my dispute is valid.

Anonymous said...

My experience has been exactly the same. I purchased in mid-December, got the 4-DVD set, installed those, and discovered the software was a bunch of krap. My request got the same response about the "Refunds Department" and nothing since. I guess this will learn me to not buy off the Internet from some unreputable site. It was a $150 lesson.