Thursday, April 8, 2010

Shopping for Shoes, by Men

I went shopping with my sweet wife last Saturday. She needed a new purse, and so we went to the purse department at Kohl's, where she spent a long time looking at all the different purses. I love my wife, and I enjoy shopping with her, but like most men, after a while the endless comparison shopping gets tiring. I got tired of the purses in a hurry.

I needed a new pair of dress shoes. I have a pair of Giorgio Brutini loafers that I really like, and I wanted to find another pair just like them. They're good-looking and they're extremely comfortable. So I headed over to the shoe department, where a large banner advertised a 50-percent-off sale on every shoe in stock.

I zeroed in on the men's dress shoes. I walked down the aisle until I noticed a pair of very familiar shoes: black loafers with a woven leather accent and two tassels. I picked up one shoe and said, "Hello, Giorgio."

The shoe replied, "Actually, my name's Croft."

Then the other shoe chimed in, "And my name's Barrow."

Then they said in unison, "We just look like Giorgio."

Then they added, "And we're on sale."

I said, "That'll work."

I found a box with my size and tried them on. They fit fine. I put my old shoes in the box and walked Croft and Barrow over to show my sweet wife, who was still looking at purses.

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Spec said...

This is so true. That's why The Hubs doesn't jump for joy when I say, "Let's go shopping for our date night."